Who we are

Miraje was founded with the vision of creating drapery with some of the most fascinating embroidery craftsmanship designs inspired by the fashion world. The aspiration for Miraje is to build a fashion house with a focus on home décor and other venues that could befit our products in the future. From that vision, we researched and designed our first line of products – Miraje Royal and Classic Curtains. Miraje is the next level of luxury curtains, unlike any curtains, you may have grown accustomed to seeing: Such products that are usually made of plain fabric or have a printed pattern, or some that may contain limited thread work.

We have chosen curtains as our first line of products because windows are one of the most impactful elements of a home's overall décor. Drapery can drastically alternate and improve the appeal of interior spaces. When you change your drapery, you change the look and feel of your home. We at Miraje want to help you frame the beautiful views you see through your windows with equally elegant and exclusive drapery.

Craftsmanship is the soul that lies in the core of each product designed by Miraje. Each of our designs is fashion-inspired, and brought to life with care and a passion, and presented with the sort of pride that befits a marvelously stunning product. Craftsmanship, obviously, isn’t something that just happens. It requires a great deal of time, patience, and skill. Each of our curtains requires some 100s of hours that our highly professional embroidery artisans put in to create a masterpiece that is fully handmade. Embrace Craftsmanship.